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About AMOR

AMOR Animales de Nosara is a registered Costa Rican non-profit started in 2016 by long time residents Marcia Szara Wallace,  Jeanette Johnstone, Dr. Carl & Cathy Wells, and Mark & Janet Galbraith.  This group of incredibly passionate animal advocates saw a specific need within the wildlife and local pet community and decided to put their skills together to make a difference in the lives of both.  Past and current AMOR members include a variety of people with backgrounds in veterinary medicine, clinic management, law, business & project management,  plus decades of experience in hands-on, front line animal rescue in various countries and environments.

Our Mission:


We are a charity and donation based organization with a double mission: 

1. To provide and manage a TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN (TNR) Program which includes vaccination for feral cats in Nosara and its surrounding communities. 

2. To support, educate, and work with locals and their animal care needs. 


Our flagship TNR program reduces the feral cat populations via internationally accepted standards, which in turn not only leads to a better quality of life for the cats themselves but also significantly protects the birds, reptiles and other wildlife that they must prey upon in order to survive. By incorporating vaccination into the program during the sterilization procedure, we are helping to prevent the spread of rabies in both the wild and domestic animal populations of Nosara.

One of the biggest, yet most hidden, animal challenges that Nosara faces is its feral cat population.  AMOR Animales de Nosara is the only association that provides volunteers, equipment and funding in order to help local residents in communities in and around Nosara, Costa Rica, to humanely trap, neuter, vaccinate, and then return feral cats back to their colony. Since 2016, we have castrated colonies in every community, including Garza, Delicias, Esperanza, Arenales, Pelada, Hollywood, San Pedro, Santa Teresita, Nosara, Santa Marta, San Juanillo, and Guiones.   As the majority of these animals have never seen a medical professional, we work directly with local veterinarians  to provide examinations, give vaccines to reduce the spread of disease (particularly rabies), along with spaying /neutering.


As a community based service, our program has made a huge impact on the lives and protection of the local wildlife population that is preyed upon by feral cats as well as reducing the spread of diseases into the wild and domestic pet populations. Over the years, our program has received in excess of 600 cats in more than a dozen feral colonies. As a result of this ongoing successful TNR campaign, the program has potentially reduced the number of feral cats in the greater Nosara community by more than an astonishing several hundreds of thousands of cats!


We will also offer ongoing support  to another local animal welfare organization, Nosara Animal Care, for their educational, adoption/foster, and local pet spay/neuter programs. 




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Our Projects:

Current Board Members

President:  Marcia Szara Wallace                                Vice President:  Juan Pablo Berroca Salazar

Treasurer: Cathy Wells                                                 Secretary:  

Vocals:                                                                           Fiscal:  

Carl Wells 

Michael Wallace

Pam Ellsworth

Community Partnerships

Meet the community businesses and organizations who support us by providing us with yearly free and/or reduced fees for services that help keep our program functioning. If you have a business with a service that you think could help support our program, please reach out! 

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